The Shadow Age saga is a long-in-development project by Noukon Studios founder Gabriel Roland. There are numerous manifestations of this project deep in development right now, but nothing solid. So far, the only finished Shadow Age product is the 2003 Noukon Studios production Shadow Age: The Mercenary's Pledge. (A "Making Of" documentary was also produced for this film project, and was, interestingly enough, better received by most than the film itself.)

Shadow Age: The Mercenary's Pledge

"General Cantient, leader of the Eastern Shore Coalition, has hired Tonas Moor, a mercenary, to hunt down a creature who seeks only to destroy life for his own amusement and profit: Vidar Kreis.

"Kreis is a master of the sword, and rumor has it that he delves into the dark arts to protect himself from skilled swordsmen such as Moor. The weapons he carries include the Ken no Ankokugai, literally translated as the "Sword of the Underworld" but popularly referred to as the "Sword of Hell." It was created in Western style by the legendary Japanese swordsmith Kanagai in the year 2109 A.D., almost sixty years after the onslaught of World War III, and has spread throughout Shadow Age legend since. It is said to be enchanted by demons, who protect the owner from being beaten by mortal men so long as he weilds it.

"Whether or not these legends are true, Tonas Moor must face Kreis. The lives of hundreds of Kreis' future possible victims depend on Moor's ability to defeat the villain."

Shadow Age: The Mercenary's Pledge stars Michael Roland, James Mawson, Jim Smith, and Ted Roland, and was written and directed by Gabriel Roland.

The film and its "Making Of" documentary are not available for viewing at this time. Check back later!